HOW TO MAKE AEON CREDIT I-CASH: 1 Personal Loan Financing

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Here’s how to make a complete AEON Credit i-Cash personal loan financing.

This is in accordance with AEON Credit i-Cash requirements at this time.

Besides you can lend on Maybank, RHB Easy Loan, Bank Allien and Bank Rakyat you can also consider Aeon as a personal lender to you.

What is the maximum amount you can borrow AEON Credit i-Cash?

The amount payable is up to RM100,000 for a maximum of seven years of financing.

Applicants must be between 18 and 60 years of age to be eligible.

Applicants must be Malaysian citizens who work as Government servants, employees of private sector organizations, or self-employed at a minimum wage of RM1,500 per month.

Terms of the borrower – AEON Credit i-Cash

  • Applicants must be Malaysian citizens only.
  • Get your cash payment anytime 24/7 after getting approved.
  • According to Shariah principles.
  • There are no early settlement fees or handling fees.
  • What will it cost you and how will you be charged?

Fee (1 time only):

Stamp duty of 0.5% is charged in accordance with the Stamp Duty Act 1949 (Revised 1989) to be deducted before the advance of financing.

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The maximum processing fee is paid up to RM400.

Recurring fee payments:

Monthly payment consisting of principal amount and profit charge. For the 1 – 7 year financing period, the profit rate ranged from 7.92% to 18.00%.

AEON Credit i-Cash – :

In accordance with Shariah’s decision of AEON Credit Services.

Late payment charges range from RM18 – RM40. Late payment charges will increase your financing amount.

How long is the application required and what documentation is required?

After completing your application with, our representatives will contact you within the same business day to confirm your application.

After that, AEON Credit Services will contact you within the same business day and will ask you to provide the necessary documents.

Customers will be notified of their application status (Approve / Decline) via SMS by AEON Credit Service.

If the application is approved, the AEON representative will contact the customer to sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement at the nearest AEON Credit Services branch.

The funds will be transferred to the customer’s Savings Account or Current Account.

The decision to provide financing approval is solely from AEON Credit Service.

You are required to submit the following document for your financing application:

  • If you are a paid employee, please provide the following:
  • A copy of the identity card (front & back)
  • 3-month payslip
  • The latest EPF statement with the latest 6-month contribution
  • Book the latest savings account or current / savings account statement

If you work on your own, please provide the following:

  • A copy of the identity card (front & back)
  • Business Registration Certificate (must be at least 1 year in the business)
  • Company Principles of Current Account or Bank Statements Latest 6 Months Latest
  • Latest BE / E payment receipt and tax from IRB
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Can you apply if you have a bad CCRIS / CTOS / Credit Record?

No, you are required to settle all outstanding payments before applying.

It is advisable that you continue to repay your financing for another three months before applying.

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